Thank you to everyone considering to attend our wedding, here is information on where we are registered and how we prefer to receive gifts.

We are really excited to see everyone and to get married. We know part of this amazing day we get to share with everyone, is the exchange of gifts. We have a lot of great ideas for what we want to share with those attending: games for the kids, small gifts and party favors for the attendees, and plenty of great food and drink!

Bringing gifts to the wedding

We are trying to cut down on the amount of gifts that we will have to figure out transportation for back to Connecticut. If you purchase us a gift, we ask that if you can you set it for pickup at a location near us in Connecticut or delivery directly to our house. If you choose either of these options please contact us so we are aware.

Gift cards in the amount of the item you wish to purchase for us would be ideal, you can include information with it directing us to which item the gift is for.

We are so thankful for any gifts given, but since this is a destination wedding for us we have to think about how to get everything home after our honeymoon.

So we have registered at two places:

Click the image to go to the registry page.

To find our list on Ikea, search for Charlotte Ayres and it should pull up.



Click the image to go to the registry page.

click the image above to go directly to our registry, or search Charlotte Ayres to find our registry information.